Deliverance- Hip Hop's Renaissance

Boom Bap and Rock out to Deliverance's HOT single Hip Hop's Renaissance! Two different worlds merged together to make a crazy dope sound!


Vicious Tunes had the honor of going on their first huge tour of the year from ATL to FL! Numerous talented artists graced the stage with Karma and Deliverance and many new fans and markets were reached Take a look!


Vicious Tunes was involved with HD Urban Radio! Deliverance, Pizzle Man and TramaUnity was involved in the interview and artist Amtrak asked the questions! Make sure to watch!

Dynamicon 2016 ATL

Deliverance rocked out Dynamicon 2016 in Atlanta Georgia Sept 10th! Watch and see!

Deliverance_ Wonderful Lives

Wonderful Lives is a shocking visual of truth in America but more of a reflection of the travesties of mankind. Deliverance's new single will impact you on an emotional level and make you question the world as you know it. This record is who Deliverance is.

Deliverance-Under Your Spell

First video from Deliverance off of Vicious Tunes Music Group! A crazy trip into a drug riddled haze all in one mans mind. This is what happens when drugs and alcohol surpass the human threshold and reality becomes irrelevant. Directed by Hood Crucial and Codirected by Deliverance. 2015.

Interview on 101.9 Kiss Fm

Deliverance telling the facts and the backstories of the movement called Martian and upcoming projects from Karma, Trevin Murray and Ant B. Make sure to check it out and be a #Martian.



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